Why Do We Eat Fish on Friday?

In this video we explain the history of why so many people eat fish on Friday and avoid red meat (especially at Lent) – did Jesus have anything to do with it? The Pope? The fishing industry? Is it a vast conspiracy?!

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Napoleon’s Penis: A History

Since my brother and I started making history videos online, there have been a few topics that have been kicking around our todo list and right there at the top has always been “Napoleon’s Penis.”

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Benedict Arnold: Traitor? Hero? Both?

Does the treason of the Revolutionary War’s Benedict Arnold make him the worst traitor in history or was he an American hero? Was he both? We explain the military career, the plot to hand George Washington and West Point over to Andre, and the later life of one of the most infamous characters ever.

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Ep. 28 – Best Supporting Characters

This one is a little cerebral, but then again, so is ACTING. In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, we nominate not our fave actors, but our fave characters in film, from busy bees to rolling with the homies.  Read more

Ep. 27 – Items in the 1987 Sears Holiday Wish Book

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for another dip into the Sears Holiday Wishbook. This time we take a peek at the Ghost of Christmas Past of 1987, and in Canada no less. The enigma of the Pantspress, the excitement of the Bop Bag, and wait, there’s more…literally more…in the form of  little Christmas Surprises! Listen now. 

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