Entries by Zara Findlay-Shirras

Ep. 25 – Monsters

There’s a nip in the air and Brandon can’t stop hording  pumpkin beers, which can only mean…time for a Monster Mash! Find out which creature will be a graveyard smash or which must quietly return to the Black Lagoon, on a new episode of Totes Faves. 

Ep. 20 – Cereal

Mikey likes it! Or does he? Found out what is grrrrr-eat, and what is simply, “for breakfast.” A new episode of Totes Faves – part of a balanced breakfast. Faves of the Week Zara & Brandon: Terrace House Deepu: His juice cleanse from Pittsburgh Juice Company  

Ep 19 – Bunnies

Time to hop to it and list our Totes Faves Bunnies. From Easter cluckers to space-time suckers, see who wins the Cadbury auditions and who gets thrown into the Briar Patch. Faves of the Week Zara: Reese’s Eggs Brandon: Dead Malls Series by Dan Bell Deepu: George Takei’s birthday present on the Howard Stern Show.