Ep. 25 – Monsters

There’s a nip in the air and Brandon can’t stop hording  pumpkin beers, which can only mean…time for a Monster Mash! Find out which creature will be a graveyard smash or which must quietly return to the Black Lagoon, on a new episode of Totes Faves. 

Faves of the Week

  • Deepu: A new “clicker” game, Universal Paperclips, and Maya Rudolph on “Big Mouth,” a new series on Netflix.
  • Zara: “Rick & Morty” on Adult Swim (and Hulu) – a good starter episode is “Lawnmower Dog.”
  • Brandon: YouTube web series on closed amusement park attractions, “Defunctland

Sheila’s Corner

Key & Peele’s brilliant Gremlins 2 sketch. HERE.

“The Song of Mothra,” as sung by the Shobijin aka the Ito Twins. HERE.

And if you’re now into 1960s Japanese pop music, get into their group, The Peanuts. HERE.

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