Ep. 5 – Skymall Catalog

with: Josh Lay, Zara Findlay-Shirras, Deepu Murty, Brandon Werner

Join us as we battle to compile the ultimate holiday gift guide from the ultimate in mile-high shopping, discovering the true creator behind the magic, Design Toscano.

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Krampus VS The Nazis

Its the most magical time of the year, when we gather together to worship the ancient pagan child-stealing demon assistant of St. Nick, KRAMPUS. Watch our new episode, where we explain his germanic origins and run-ins with the Nazi’s themselves! HAPPY KRAMPUSNACHT!
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Top 5: Pumpkin Beers

We are in the dead of fall, when my diet consists mostly of pumpkin and pumpkin-byproducts. In the fall, as animals start to forage for hibernation, I seem to start collecting pumpkin beer. So much so that Zara has to draw a line several times on us putting more in the refrigerator. Those are my credentials, and these are my personal Totes Favs Pumpkin Beers.

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Ep. 3 – Urban Legends

With: Eric CunninghamBrandon Werner, Zara Findlay-Shirras, Deepu Murty

We’ve all heard an Urban Legend and even believed in one (whether we like it or not). In the modern internet world, you can’t go a day without a new one materializing, often disguised as real news or fact… and that’s the most frightening part.
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