Sunscreen: A Burning History

Take it from one of the whitest individuals in the world, the sun is trying to kill us. Learn about humanity’s battle with UV rays and the invention of sunscreen, which is totally safe, no matter what things on Facebook may tell you.

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POD: Ep. 2 – From Opium to Sandwiches

You think Capitalism has run amok and the UK is in chaos now? We’re back talking the evils of The East India Company and the 350th Anniversary of the Raid on Medway, one of England’s greatest national humiliations.

POD: Ep. 1 – How Metric led to Coca-Cola

In our historic first audio episode of the new era, we dive into The United States battle to integrate the metric system and stumble into the most progressive Pope in history who was probably addicted to cocaine.

What is Gaslighting

You’ve probably been hearing or even using the term “Gaslighting” quite a bit lately. We run down the origin and definition.

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President Trump: The History

While news moves at the speed of light, we thought we’d add some historical context to the whirlwind that is The Trump Presidency in its first weeks. To be continued?

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Washington’s Christmas Attack: The Delaware Crossing

This Christmas, with America at its most divided, it’s time to remember that our country is a Christmas miracle itself. We tell the story of George Washington’s Christmas night crossing of the Delaware to attack a the Hessians.

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The Electoral College Explained

You don’t know how The Electoral College works. It’s okay, we explain the mysterious weird nightmare that is the history and process of America’s Electoral College – guaranteed, you don’t know the half of it.

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Sometimes an election isn’t a fair fight. We explain one of the worst Landslides in US History, Franklin D. Roosevelt VS Alf Landon.

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Wow! Alien Contact?

Have we made contact with aliens? Conspiracy theories aside, scientifically, we may have… once. In 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman found a signal that made him go, “Wow!”

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Hitler’s Olympics: Berlin 1936

Think Rio Olympics 2016 are boring? It could always be worse, Adolf Hitler could have hosted. We run down the 1936 Berlin Olympics, when the world formally met the Nazi Party and Jesse Owens.

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