Ep. 8 – 90’s Sitcom Characters

with:  Zara Findlay-ShirrasDeepu MurtyBrandon Werner

PLUS, special guest, Hal Coopersmith from New York Launch Pod

Time Out! As the 90’s reboot machine reaches its saturation point, we decided it was high time to throw our favorite characters into the Totes Favs Battledome to see who would come out victorious.


This is the definitive list of Totes Favs: 90’s Sitcom Characters as determined in the completely scientific Totes Favs Battledome. Disagree? Let us know in the comments! We promise not to make a whole season about you winning the lottery and then reveal that you never did, your husband’s dead and that was just how you dealt with your grief.


5. Eddie the Dog


Another list, another dog – Frasier’s Dad’s adorable Jack Russell terrier.  Though it still pains me how soon Niles Crane was defeated in the Battledome, I felt like in a way, little Eddie carried the “Frasier” torch much like how he would carry a pork chop away from Frasier’s plate. Well done, Eddie. Good dog.

4. Aunt Jackie


I had a hard time prizing one character from the wonder that is the cast of “Roseanne,” but Deepu’s suggestion of Aunt Jackie immediately made sense to me. I mean, who else is a proven comic foil AND a style icon?

3. Cosmo Kramer



From the stellar cast of “Seinfeld,” there is but one hipster doofus. Brandon and Hal’s love for this guy was so strong, they were able to convince two clueless “Seinfeld” virgins to accept it. (I’m sorry, I promise I’ll get around to watching “Seinfeld.”)

2. Zack Morris


ZACK ATTACK! This hunk embodied the 90’s – the band, the hair, the giant cell phone. We quickly realized he was like a parallel universe version of our #1 , which brings me to…


1. Uncle Jesse


A King of the 90’s so great, he even convinced all of us to eat Greek yoghurt. Have mercy.

Totes Notes:

  • HAL: Craig Mazin’s tweets about Ted Cruz.
  • ZARA: New X-Files episodes on FOX. They’re great. Especially Episode 3.
  • DEEPU: Human And Hound. A Humans of New York, for dogs.
  • BRANDON: TrailMix 2016. A new podcast with up-to-the-minute commentary on the presidential campaign.



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