Ep. 7 – Things About “The X-Files”

with:  Zara Findlay-ShirrasDeepu MurtyBrandon Werner

PLUS, special guest, Moujan Zolfaghari

The truth is right here. Join us as we battle to compile the ultimate list of favorite things about “The X-Files.” Characters, plot-lines, murderous conjoined twins – they’re all here. Deepu still has never seen an episode of the show but Moujan’s knowledge more than makes up for that.


This is the definitive list of Totes Faves: Things About “The X-Files,” as determined in the completely scientific Totes Faves Battledome. Disagree? Let us know in the comments! We promise not to stab you in the back of the neck with an extraterrestrial ice pick.

5. Scully’s Cancer Plotline


Perhaps the perfect encapsulation of Items 1-3 on our list.  In Season 4, the cancer-devouring monster Leonard Betts tragically reveals Scully has something he needs, setting  our heroine on mission to save her own life. And we all cried.

4. Queequeg


Scully’s dearly departed Pomeranian won our hearts even though he may have eaten his former owner’s, but let’s not dwell on that. Her faithful companion until he met his untimely end in the jaws of an alligator… or was it Big Blue?

3. Skeptical Scully


Scully, Queen of Facts. Our Lady of Lab Results. Empress of Science. Doctor of Disbelief. Scully will never ever give up her faith in the ability of science to explain away the strange. Even when a crowd of aliens runs by her. And we love her for that.

2. The Season of Secret Sex


What’s that you say? You never see Mulder and Scully actually doing it during Season 7 of “The X-Files?” Open your eyes, fools! I want to believe, and so do a mountain of shippers on Tumblr.  I mean, where do you think baby William came from? Secret Sex.

1. The Scully Effect


The incredible phenomenon attributed to Special Agent Dana Scully, whereby young female viewers of ”The X-Files” were so inspired by her character that they pursued careers in science, medicine and law enforcement in greater numbers than ever before. This is a real thing! Scully would be so proud. I can only hope that wide-shouldered sensible blazers also saw a surge in sales.

Honorary Mention: FLUKEMAN!


Now, we don’t usually do this, but we couldn’t not give a small shout out to the one non-Scully related thing that received the most love in this episode.  Flukeman and its (his?) terrifying mouth prolapse scared the crap out of us. Now go back into the sewer where you belong! 

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