Ep. 6 – Christmas Specials

with: Jason Flowers, Zara Findlay-Shirras, Deepu Murty, Brandon Werner

Join us as we battle to compile the ultimate list of Christmas Specials and find out how long we can debate over The Muppets VS N’Sync. TV really is the reason for the season.


This is the definitive list of Totes Favs: Christmas Specials, as determined in the completely scientific Totes Favs Battledome. Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

5. A Muppet Family Christmas


In 1987, Jim Henson created a nostalgia-inducing atomic bomb unlike anything we have seen since. If you are a child of the 80’s, beware, it could revert you to your inner child permanently. Plus, thanks to the internet, you can watch it in its entirety on YouTube.

4. Rudolph The Red-nose Reindeer


Welcome to Santa’s North Pole, where anyone with any kind of difference is shipped away to an isolated island. Merry Christmas! This ones for all the misfits out there, especially those that are just mysteriously sort-of going through ‘some things.’

3. Saved By The Bell: Season 3, Episodes 24-25 “Home for  Christmas”


California is a magical place, where one young man can find his seeming soulmate, but because she is homeless, she is never seen or heard of ever again.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


What movie? You say it came out in 2000? What… JIM CARREY?! Why would they ever remake something as timeless and perfect as The Grinch???

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas


In the distant future, when the world’s current religions are a distant memory, and humanity is subdivided between different planetary colonies, this movie will still be screened on everyone’s mental implant in the last month of the old Earth-based calendar.


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