Ep. 5 – Skymall Catalog

with: Josh Lay, Zara Findlay-Shirras, Deepu Murty, Brandon Werner

Join us as we battle to compile the ultimate holiday gift guide from the ultimate in mile-high shopping, discovering the true creator behind the magic, Design Toscano.


This is the definitive list of Totes Faves: Sky Mall catalog, as determined in the completely scientific Totes Faves Battledome. Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

5. Bigfoot Garden Yeti Life Size

garden yeti

Bigfoot and a Yeti may be two different cryptozoological creatures but the combination sure makes one fine garden sculpture. He may not have the charm of a peeping Bigfoot Tree Yeti, but the fact that this one comes with legs won us over in the end.

$2475 on Skymall.com

4. Ark of the Covenant Box Grande


The question in every home is one of useful storage solutions. And what better way to hide an unsightly pile of DVD’s but in your very own golden replica of the Ark of the Covenant. Just don’t open it in front of any Nazis.

$69.95 on Skymall.com

3. Babette Table


For good or bad, we could not stop talking about Babette. Where has she been? What has she seen? Could someone please fix her stocking?

$159 on Skymall.com

2. Life Size Quarter Horse


Though we are still not sure what a “quarter” horse is, this delightful life size replicable trotted its way into our hearts together with its delightful human model companion. Life Size Bigfoot might offer some competition in your garden or restaurant, but you can’t ride bigfoot. End of story.

$1925 on Skymall.com

1. Of Course I’m Right, I’m Mary Standard Fit Women’s T-Shirt. Pink.


What can I say, that this shirt doesn’t already? We are all Mary. And you can be, too, for only $9.99.

$9.99 on Skymall.com


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